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As you are probably aware, your local grocery and drug retailers play a significant role in the life of each local school.  Whether it is donating school supplies, money, food, drinks, purchasing ads in school programs or sponsoring different clubs and activities, most local grocery and drug retailers are tremendous supporters of local schools.

For more than a decade LEVEL 10 has been creating extended partnerships between schools, their local grocery and drug retailers and the community by producing school apparel and accessories under the Sports Image brand for resale by local retailers. This arrangement promotes an ongoing relationship between the schools and retailers, and provides the school with a risk free extension of its brand into the community outside the school environment.

If you have an existing licensing or royalty program please let us know what steps we need to take to participate in your program. If you do not have an existing program, we can enroll you in our non-exclusive royalty program where you will receive an 8% royalty from every item purchased, even if your school marks are not trademarked.

Our reputation has been built on providing high quality items decorated with high quality designs that never jeopardize your brand with words, shapes, or symbols that are, or could be interpreted as obscene or inappropriate.

To ensure a positive start to the program, please review our Royalty Program and the School and Mascot Verification Form on the right side of this page.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to partnering with you on this win-win opportunity that will benefit your school(s), your students and your community.

If you have questions or need additional information regarding this program, please visit our website at or contact me directly at 1-800-440-1585 or

Best regards,

Josh Whitlow

Manager of Marketing, Development & Graphic Design

Level 10 Apparel

LEVEL 10 Royalty Program Overview

Partner with LEVEL 10, a proven leader

  • Level 10 is a reputable, nationwide manufacturer dedicated to extending the relationship between your school(s), local retailers and the community.
  • We have more than a decade of success administering profitable royalty programs with thousands of schools nationwide.
  • Our royalty rate is 8% of the retailer’s wholesale purchase price less any returns.  This is the same technique as other major licensing programs.
  • The full 8% royalty is for the school/district and there are no deductions for administration or processing fees.

How does our school or district receive these royalties?

  • Royalties are accrued over a fiscal year, generally correlating with the school year.
  • The royalty period is one year, July 1st to June 30th.
  • At the end of the royalty period, royalties are calculated and paid by October 1st.
  • Royalty payments will either be mailed, or personally delivered by your local retail partner(s).
  • A sales report is included for all schools with executed Use Agreements.

What can I expect from this royalty program?

  • High quality  products bearing the school’s logos or marks .
  • High quality graphics  that reflect positively on  your school(s).  Words, shapes, or symbols that are, or could be interpreted as obscene or inappropriate will not be used.
  • A full accounting of every item sold to your local retailers included with the royalty payment if a Use Agreement is in place.
  • All apparel products will bear our Sports Image brand hang tag so you know they are from us and part of the royalty program.

Next steps

  • Simply fill in the information on the School and Mascot Information Form below and submit.
  • Review the Level 10 Use Agreement.
  • We ask that you download, fill out and return the non-exclusive royalty agreement, however we will accrue and pay royalties with or without the executed agreement unless you ask us not to.
  • Call or email with any questions.

If your school or district has a royalty/licensing program in place.

  • We are happy to review and participate in your program!
  • Please let us know this as soon as possible and we will contact you directly to understand your individual situation.

School and Mascot Information Form

To ensure that we properly promote your school, mascot and colors, please provide the below information.

**This form should only be filled out if you are the authoritative position within your school or district approved to make such decisions in regard to retail placement of product.  This is NOT a binding contract between your school and Level 10 Apparel.  This is simply acknowledgement that Level 10, through the Sports Image brand, can place product bearing your schools marks and names into local retailers and that we will be paying your school 8% royalties on those purchases.  If you would like to enter into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with us, please Click Here or contact us as soon as possible.**

School Information

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